ADVANCED Chinese Courses in Auckland and Wellington (HSK 5) HSK 5 Mandarin course

Master speaking Chinese in Auckland and Wellington with our Advanced Chinese Language course taught by experienced native speaking Chinese teachers and tutors from China with University teaching Degrees. The HSK 5 Mandarin classes consolidates and develops the grammar and material covered in the Intermediate Chinese (HSK 5) and will expand your Mandarin language vocabulary and grammar.

By this stage, a wide range of topics can be discussed using reasonably accurate grammar to convey meaning in spoken Chinese. Writing skills are becoming stronger and the ability to listen requires less effort. Learners at the HSK 5 level are also less dependent on Pinyin as they gradually become more comfortable reading and using authentic materials written only in characters.

This course follows the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China Hanban HSK Chinese proficiency language exam syllabus while using the latest teaching methodologies. HSK 5 is equal to C1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

HSK 5 Mandarin Course Content:

  1. Understanding Life
  2. Talking about the Past and the Present
  3. Listening to Stories and Anecdotes
  4. Approaching Science
  5. Seeing the World
  6. Cultivating Physical and Mental Health
  7. Cultural exchange
  8. Understanding education
  9. Feelings about life
  10. Focusing on economy

Learning Outcomes:

You will be able to:

  1. Discuss the Past and the Present
  2. Be familiar with different types of articles
  3. Discuss Cultural exchange
  4. Discuss Education Situation
  5. Know more words and phrases about economy
  6. Talk about health conditions and see a doctor
  7. Plan a leisure activity
  8. Discuss the difference between Chinese food and Western food

Grammar points

  1. 不得了adj. extremely, exceedingly

  2. 反正 adv.(use to indicate the same result despite different circumstance) anyway, no matter what

  3. 难怪 V. to be understandable, to be reasonable

  4. 假如 conj. If, in case

  5. 万一 case, if by any chance

  6. 除非 conj. only if, unless

  7. 不见得 adv. not necessarily, may not

  8. 总之 conj. in short, in brief

  9. 反而 adv. on the contrary, instead

Key vocabulary

  • 999 new words...

Course Materials: HSK Standard Course 5a Textbook by Jiang Liping, ISBN 7561940335, & HSK Standard Course 5b Textbook by Jiang Liping, ASIN‏ : ‎ B01MRIR9AJ .

BUY online at University of Canterbury Book store for $25 here! The Hanban HSK 1-6 Standard Coursebooks are written by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and CTI, used world wide in Universities.

Duration: Each evening course is made of 8 x 1 1/2 hour classes. There are no lessons on Public holidays. Courses run the same day and time of the week as its start date for 2 months.

Small Chinese Classes: Classes are around 10 students.

Chinese School Locations in Auckland & Wellington:

  • Auckland Central - Level 10, Acrossia House, 155 Queen St, Auckland
  • North Shore - Northcote Memorial Hall, 2 Rodney St, North shore Auckland
  • Wellington - Mt Vic Hub, 24 Elizabeth St, Mt Victoria, Wellington.

Price: $200, includes small Mandarin classes sizes, HSK exam preparation and Mandarin teachers from China, thats less than $25 a class. There are no hidden membership fees or contracts.

Test your level - You can test your level of Chinese to make sure you book in to the correct course here.

15 reasons to learn Chinese with the Chinese Institute in Auckland and Wellington...

Mandarin courses for Advanced 1 (hsk 5.1) - Advanced 6 (HSK 5.6)

Advanced 1 (HSK 5.1): HSK Standard Course 5a textbook (Chapters): 1-6


  • Lesson 1: 爱的细节 Details of Love
    1. 如何 (formal word); 靠;居然
    2. 如何—怎么
  • Lesson 2: 留串钥匙给父母 Leaving a Bunch of Keys to Our Parents
    1. 以来; 临; 立刻
    2. 悄悄—偷偷
  • Lesson 3: 人生有选择, 一切可改变 Having Choices in Life Makes Change Possible
    1. 各自; 勿 (formal word ); 包括 ; 时刻
    2. 舒适—舒服
  • Lesson 4: 子路背米 Zilu Carrying Rice
    1. 至今; 顶;...得+ 不行;反而
    2. 满足—满意
  • Lesson 5: 济南的泉水 Spring Water in Ji'nan
    1. 起来; 于; 从而 ; 为
    2. 美丽—优美
  • Lesson 6: 除夕的由来 Origin of Chuxi
    1. 替;说不定;似的;纷纷
    2. 打听—询问

Advanced 2 (HSK 5.2): HSK Standard Course 5a textbook (Chapters): 7-12


  • Lesson 7: 成语故事两则 Two Idiom Stories
    1. 瞎;分别;根;便
    2. 忽然—突然 (Comparing 突然 and 忽然)
  • Lesson 8: "朝三暮四" 的古今义 Three at Dawn and Four at Dusk
    1. 倒 ; ...来...去 ; 要不
    2. 彼此—互相
  • Lesson 9: 别样鲁迅 The Lu Xun You Don't Know
    1. 算;作为;曾经
    2. 亲自—自己
  • Lesson 10: 争论的奇迹 Miracle of Debate
    1. 毕竟 ; 逐渐;或许 (formal word)
    2. 显示—显得
  • Lesson 11: 闹钟的危害 Harm of Alarm Clocks
    1. 来/过来;所;相当;数
    2. 持续—继续
  • Lesson 12: 海外用户玩儿微信 Overseas Users of WeChat
    1. 以及; 程度
    2. 发达—发展

Advanced 3 (HSK 5.3): HSK Standard Course 5a textbook (Chapters): 13-18


  • Lesson 13: 锯掉生活的"筐底" Cutting Off the "Bottom of the Basket" in Life
    1. 何况 ; 何必; 多亏
    2. 激烈—强烈
  • Lesson 14: 北京的四合院 Quadrangle Courtyards in Beijing
    1. 所谓;则;为...所...; 起
    2. 通常—常常
  • Lesson 15: 纸上谈兵 Being an Armchair Strategist
    1. 过; 迟早;再三
    2. 胜利—成功
  • Lesson 16: 体重与节食 Weight and Diet
    1. 即;个别;非
    2. 临时—暂时
  • Lesson 17: 在最美好的时刻离开 Ending at the Best Moment
    1. 以; 平常;宁可
    2. 忽视—轻视
  • Lesson 18: 抽象艺术美不美 Abstract Art: Beautiful or Not?
    1. 极其;其余;可见
    2. 目前 (formal word)—现在

Advanced 4 (HSK 5.4): HSK Standard Course 5b textbook (Chapters): 19-24


  • Lesson 19: 家乡的萝卜饼 Turnip pancakes in my hometown
    1. 般;闻;趁
    2. 怀念—想念
  • Lesson 20: 小人书摊 Picture-story book stalls
    1. 动词 + 得/不 + 起;支;凭
    2. 记录—纪录
  • Lesson 21: 汉字叔叔: 一个美国人的汉字情缘 Uncle Hanzi, The predestined love of an American for Chinese characters
    1. 硬;偶然;尽快
    2. 偶然—偶尔
  • Lesson 22: 阅读与思考 Reading and thinking
    1. 一旦;难免;自从
    2. 平等—公平
  • Lesson 23: 放手 Letting go
    1. 一致;某;幸亏
    2. 单独—独自
  • Lesson 24: 支教行动 Volunteer teaching
    1. 行动;义务
    2. 发信—发表

Advanced 5 (HSK 5.5): HSK Standard Course 5b textbook (Chapters): 25-30


  • Lesson 25: 给自己加满水 Adding up the load on yourself
    1. 朝;简直
    2. 严肃—严格
  • Lesson 26: 你属于哪一种"忙" Which kind of "busy" person are you
    1. 来;至于;总算
    2. 总算—终于
  • Lesson 27: 下棋 Playing chess
    1. 动词 + 下来;舍不得
    2. 损失—失去
  • Lesson 28: 最受欢迎的毕业生 The most popular graduate
    1. 从此;假设;堆
    2. 反应—反映
  • Lesson 29: 培养对手 Training your rivals
    1. 不如;干脆;万一
    2. 挤—拥挤
  • Lesson 30: 竞争让市场更高效 Competition makes the market more efficient
    1. 无意;有利;的确
    2. 接近—靠近

Advanced 6 (HSK 5.6): HSK Standard Course 5b textbook (Chapters): 31-36


  • Lesson 31: 登门槛效应 Foot-in-the-door effect
    1. 嗯;轻易
    2. 轻易—容易
  • Lesson 32: 身边的环保 Protecting the environment around us
    1. 密切;尽量;逐步
    2. 鼓励—鼓舞
  • Lesson 33: 以堵治堵———缓解交通有妙招 Treating congestion with congestion: A smart way to relieve traffic burden
    1. 照常;难怪;与其
    2. 表现—体现
  • Lesson 34: 鸟儿的护肤术 How birds take care of their feathers
    1. 总之;动词 + 过;动词 + 开
    2. 反复—重复
  • Lesson 35: 植物会出汗 Plants also sweat
    1. 赶快;片;根体
    2. 特殊—特别
  • Lesson 36: 老舍与养花 Lao She and his flowers
    1. 除非;直;反正
    2. 应付—处理

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