Beginners Chinese Courses in Auckland & Wellington (HSK 1 Mandarin) HSK 1 Mandarin course

Learn Chinese in Auckland and Wellington with our fun 8 week immersion Chinese language lessons for beginners (HSK 1) taught by experienced professional Chinese teachers from China. We offer Mandarin classes at our Chinese schools in Auckand central, North shore's Northcote and Wellington .

This course follows the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China Hanban HSK Chinese proficiency language exam syllabus while using the latest teaching methodologies. HSK 1 is equal to A1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Course Outline: Chinese for beginners lessons will teach you how to study, speak, and write in the Chinese language. You will learn basic Chinese phrases and pronunciation for greetings and farewells, asking and providing personal information, ordering food and drinks, asking for information, requesting and giving directions and buying tickets. You will learn Chinese pronunciation, writing, useful vocabulary, Mandarin grammar, conjugation of the most common regular and irregular Chinese verb tenses and important aspects of Chinese Culture.

HSK 1 Chinese Mandarin Course Content

  1. Greeting + Introduction
  2. Ability
  3. Date + Time
  4. Food + drinks
  5. Location
  6. Jobs
  7. Weather
  8. Shopping
  9. Transportation
  10. Common Communication Tools of Chinese People

Course Outcomes
You will be able to:

  1. Greet people formally and informally
  2. Introduce yourself and others
  3. Discuss and gather personal information about jobs, nationalities and age
  4. Discuss family members and marital status
  5. Ask the time and date
  6. Describe daily activities
  7. Make suggestions

Grammar points

  1. The “是” Sentence + Interrogative Sentences with “吗”
  2. Numbers below 100
  3. Expression of a Date: month, date, day of the week
  4. Question words: “什么”, “呢”, “吧”, “谁”
  5. The measure words “个” and “口”
  6. The Modal Verb “会” “能” “想”


  • 150 new words

Course Materials: HSK Standard Course 1 - Textbook by Jiang Liping, ISBN - 9787561937099.

BUY online at the University of Canterbury Book store for $25 here! The Hanban HSK 1-6 Standard Coursebooks are written by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and CTI, used world wide in Universities.

Duration: Each evening course is made of 8 x 1 1/2 hour classes. There are no lessons on Public holidays. Courses run the same day and time of the week as its start date for 2 months.

Small Chinese Classes: Classes are around 10 students.

Chinese School Locations in Auckland & Wellington:

  • Auckland Central - Level 10, Acrossia House, 155 Queen St, Auckland
  • North Shore - Northcote Memorial Hall, 2 Rodney St, North shore Auckland
  • Wellington - Mt Vic Hub, 24 Elizabeth St, Mt Victoria, Wellington.

Price: $150, includes small Mandarin classes sizes, HSK exam preparation and Mandarin teachers from China, thats less than $19 a class. There are no hidden membership fees or contracts.

Test your level - You can test your level of Chinese to make sure you book in to the correct course here.

15 reasons to learn Chinese with the Chinese Institute in Auckland and Wellington...

Mandarin courses for beginners 1 (hsk 1.1) & Beginners 2 (hsk 1.2)

Beginners 1 (HSK 1.1): HSK Standard Course 1 textbook (Chapters): 1-8


  • Lesson 1: 你好 Hello
  • Lesson 2: 谢谢你 Thank you
  • Lesson 3: 你叫什么名字 What's your name
    1. 疑问代词“什么” The Interrogative Pronoun "什么"
    2. “是”字句 The "是" Sentence
    3. 用“吗”的疑问句 Interrogative Sentences with "吗"
  • Lesson 4: 她是我的汉语老师 She is my Chinese teacher
    1. 疑问代词“谁”、“哪” The Interrogative Pronouns “谁” and “哪”
    2. 结构助词“的” The Structural Particle “的” (see also Expressing close possession without "de")
    3. 疑问助词“呢” (1) The Interrogative Particle “呢” (1)
  • Lesson 5: 她女儿今年二十岁 Her daughter is 20 years old this year
    1. 疑问代词“几” The Interrogative Pronouns “几” (see also Age with "sui")
    2. 百以内的数字 Numbers below 100
    3. “了”表变化 “了” Indicating a Change
    4. “多 + 大”表示疑问 The Interrogative Phrase “多 + 大”
  • Lesson 6: 我会说汉语 I can speak Chinese
    1. 能愿动词“会” (1) The Modal Verb “会” (1)
    2. 形容词谓语句 Sentences with an Adjectival Predicate
    3. 疑问代词“怎么” (1) The Interrogative Pronoun “怎么” (1)
  • Lesson 7: 今天几号 What's the date today
    1. 日期的表达 (1):月、日 / 号、星期 Expression of Date (1): month, date, day of the week (see also Structure of days of the week)
    2. 名词谓语句 Sentences with a Nominal Predicate ...........
    3. 连动词 (1) :去 + 地方 + 做什么 Sentences with a Serial Verb Construction (1) :去 + place + to do sth.
  • Lesson 8: 我想喝茶 I'd like some tea
    1. 能愿动词“想” The Modal Verb “想”
    2. 疑问代词“多少” The Interrogative Pronoun “多少”
    3. 量词“个”、“口” The Measure Words “个” and “口”
    4. 钱数的表达 Expression of the Amount of Money

Beginners 1 (HSK 1.1): HSK Standard Course 1 textbook (Chapters): 9-15


  • Lesson 9: 你儿子在哪儿工作 Where does your son work
    1. 动词“在” The Verb “在”
    2. 疑问代词“哪儿” The Interrogative Pronoun “哪儿”
    3. 介词“在” The Preposition “在”
    4. 疑问助词“呢” (2) The Interrogative Particle “呢” (2)
  • Lesson 10: 我能坐这儿吗 Can I sit here
    1. “有”字句表示存在 The “有” Sentence: Indicating Existence
    2. 连词“和” The Conjunction “和”
    3. 能愿动词“能” The Modal Verb "能"
    4. 用“请”的祈使句 Imperative Sentence with “请” --------------
  • Lesson 11: 现在几点 What's the time now
    1. 时间的表达 Expression of Time (see also Structure of times (advanced))
    2. 时间词作状语 Time Word Used as an Adverbial
    3. 名词“前” The Noun “前”
  • Lesson 12: 明天天气怎么样 What will the weather be like tomorrow
    1. 疑问代词“怎么样” The Interrogative Pronoun “怎么样”
    2. 主谓谓语句 Sentences with a Subject-Predicate Phrase as the Predicate
    3. 程度副词“太” The Adverb “太”
    4. 能愿动词“会”(2) The Modal Verb “会” (2)
  • Lesson 13: 他在学做中国菜呢 He is learning to cook Chinese food
    1. 叹词“喂” The Interjection “喂”
    2. “在……呢”表示动作正在进行“在……呢” Used to Indicate an Action in Progress
    3. 电话号码的表达 Expression of Telephone Numbers
    4. 语气助词“吧” The Modal Particle “吧”
  • Lesson 14: 她买了不少衣服 She has bought quite a few clothes
    1. “了”表发生或完成“了” Indicating Occurrence or Completion
    2. 名词“后” The Noun “后”
    3. 语气助词“啊” The Modal Particle “啊”
    4. 副词“都” The Adverb “都”
  • Lesson 15: 我是做飞机来的 I came here by air
    1. “是……的”句强调时间、地点、方式 The Structure “是……的”: used to emphasize time, place or manner
    2. 日期的表达 (2):月、日 / 号、星期 Expression of Date (2): month, date, day of the week --------------

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  • Price $150.00
  • Chinese
  • 8 lessons
  • Course Certificate
  • Around 10 Students
  • Course Start Dates :


AUCKLAND CENTRAL CHINESE - Level 10, 155 Queen St, Auckland CBD

Mon 11 October 6.00-7.30pm
Tue 19 October 6.00-7.30pm
Wed 27 October 6.00-7.30pm
Thu 4 November 7.30-9.00pm


Tue 2 November 6.30-8.00pm


Tue 12 October 6.00-7.30pm



AUCKLAND CENTRAL CHINESE - Level 10, 155 Queen St, Auckland CBD

Mon 6 December 6.00-7.30pm
Wed 27 October 6.00-7.30pm
Thu 18 November 6.00-7.30pm


Tue 7 December 6.00-7.30pm


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Qualifications: Certificate of Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language - Beijing Language and Culture University 2012.

Experience: Chinese Institute, Mandarin Teacher - 2014-2019

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Hanban HSK Standard Coursebooks are written by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and CTI, used world wide.



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