Masters Chinese Courses in Auckland and Wellington (HSK 6) Masters Mandarin course in Auckland HSK 6

Master speaking Chinese in Auckland and Wellington with our Advanced Chinese Language course taught by experienced native speaking Chinese teachers and tutors from China with University teaching Degrees. The HSK 6 Mandarin classes consolidates and develops the grammar and material covered in the Intermediate Chinese (HSK 6) and will expand your Mandarin language vocabulary and grammar.

 The course is designed to serve Mandarin speakers who wish to cultivate an appreciation for Chinese life and society through the language and culture and to nurture practical Chinese language skills that may be used for professional purposes. Upon successful completion of the course, students can expect to have more confidence in their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Learners will be able to understand longer narratives and sustain comprehension in communication with native speakers. Also Mandarin learners will be able to write paragraphs using intermediate vocabulary and more complicated structures.

This course follows the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China Hanban HSK Chinese proficiency language exam syllabus while using the latest teaching methodologies. HSK 6 is equal to C1 level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

HSK 6 Mandarin Course Content:

  1. Moments of life
  2. Unwilling to be mediocre
  3. Colorful society
  4. Traveling around the world
  5. Our beautiful world

Learning Outcomes:

You will be able to:

  1. Discuss social life in China
  2. Discuss issues in China
  3. Use more slang, proverbs and idioms
  4. Give a speech at a social occasion or present a report at a business event
  5. Communicate at a higher level in a variety of contexts
  6. Understand spoken and written Mandarin in a variety of contexts

Grammar points

  1. 据悉 v. it is reported

  2. 况且 conj. moreover,besides, in addition

  3. 起初 first,in the beginning

  4. 以便 that, in order to

  5. 而已 part. nothing more, only

  6. 巴不得 be only too anxious(to do sth),to be eager

  7. 不料 conj. unexpectedly, to one’s surprise

  8. 不由得 adv. can’t help (doing sth)

Key vocabulary

  • 1400 new words...

Course Materials: HSK Standard Course 6a Textbook by Jiang Liping, ISBN: 7561942540, & HSK Standard Course 6b Textbook by Jiang Liping, ISBN: 7561947798 available online and bookstores.

Duration: Each evening course is made of 8 x 1 1/2 hour classes. There are no lessons on Public holidays. Courses run the same day and time of the week as its start date for 2 months.

Small Chinese Classes: Classes are around 10 students.

Textbooks: Hanban HSK 1-4 Standard Coursebooks are written by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and CTI, used world wide.

Chinese School Locations in Auckland & Wellington:

  • Auckland Central - Level 10, Acrossia House, 155 Queen St, Auckland
  • North Shore - Northcote Memorial Hall, 2 Rodney St, North shore Auckland
  • Wellington - Mt Vic Hub, 24 Elizabeth St, Mt Victoria, Wellington.

Price: $150, includes small Mandarin classes sizes, HSK exam preparation and Mandarin teachers from China, thats less than $19 a class. There are no hidden membership fees or contracts.

Test your level - You can test your level of Chinese to make sure you book in to the correct course here.

15 reasons to learn Chinese with the Chinese Institute in Auckland and Wellington...

Mandarin courses for Masters 1 (hsk 6.1) - Masters 6 (HSK 6.6)

Masters 1 (HSK 6.1): HSK Standard Course 6a textbook (Chapters): 1-7


  • Lesson 1: 孩子给我们的启示 An epiphany from the children
    1. 巴不得;别提多 ...... 了;具有语体差别的同义词
    2. 人家—别人
  • Lesson 2: 父母之爱 Love of parents
    1. 恨不得;顿时;不由得
    2. 体谅—原谅
  • Lesson 3: 一盒月饼 A box of moon cakes
    1. 番;过于;着呢
    2. 起码—至少
  • Lesson 4: 完美的胜利 A perfect victory
    1. 乘机;不料;未免
    2. 恰巧—正好
  • Lesson 5: 学一门外语需要理由吗 Do we need a reason to learn a foreign language
    1. 而已;固然;无非
    2. 专程—专门
  • Lesson 6: 当好职场插班生 Be a good transfer student in a workplace
    1. 唯独;明明;大不了
    2. 创立—创办
  • Lesson 7: 我的人生我做主 I'm the master of my own life
    1. 于;致使;并非
    2. 日益—越来越

Masters 2 (HSK 6.2): HSK Standard Course 6a textbook (Chapters): 8-14


  • Lesson 8: 遇见原来的我 Meeting the old me
    1. 对 ...... 而言;有关;不瞒你说
    2. 极端—极度
  • Lesson 9: 不用手机的日子 A day without a cell phone
    1. 通红, 雪白;说A就A;adj./v. + 得 + 要命
    2. 索性—干脆
  • Lesson 10: 全球化视野中的中国饮食 Chinese food in the global context
    1. 以至;即便;所在
    2. 凡是—所有
  • Lesson 11: 我不在时, 猫在干什么 What do the cats do when I'm not home
    1. 统统;以 ...... 为 ......;该干吗干吗
    2. 急切—急忙
  • Lesson 12: 我们都爱白噪音 We all love white noise
    1. 不妨;务必;鉴于
    2. 不得已—不得不
  • Lesson 13: 从旅游指南看世事变迁 How travel guides reflect the changes of the world
    1. 便于;犹如;和 ...... 相比
    2. 一向—一度
  • Lesson 14: 背着电饭锅拍北极 Photographing the North Pole carrying an electric cooker on the back
    1. 数量短语的重叠;难以;免得
    2. 鼓动—鼓励

Masters 3 (HSK 6.3): HSK Standard Course 6a textbook (Chapters): 15-20


  • Lesson 15: 山脉上的雕刻 Sculptures on the mountain range
    1. 时而;不禁;无不
    2. 拥有—具有
  • Lesson 16: 徐健和他的野生动物摄影师们 Xu Jian and his team of wildlife photographers
    1. 换句说话;为 ...... 所 ......;足以
    2. 以便—便于
  • Lesson 17: 小动物眼中的慢世界 The slow world in small animals' eyes
    1. 东A西B;中 (zhòng);姑且
    2. 势必—一定
  • Lesson 18: 神奇的丝瓜 The magical towel gourd
    1. 随即;宁愿;A归A
    2. 连同—一起
  • Lesson 19: 无阳光的深海世界 The deep sea without sunshine
    1. 进而;得以;偏偏
    2. 历来—从来
  • Lesson 20: 金鸡窝 The golden henhouse
    1. 况且;大;倒不如
    2. 将近—将要

Masters 4 (HSK 6.4): HSK Standard Course 6b textbook (Chapters): 21-27


  • Lesson 21: 未来商店 Future shops
    1. 以免;嫌
    2. 不免—未免
  • Lesson 22: 2050年的汽车什么样 What will cars be like in 2050?
    1. 动不动;甲乙丙丁 ......
    2. 担保—保证
  • Lesson 23: 大数据时代 The big data era
    1. 加以;大大, 远远
    2. 万分—十分
  • Lesson 24: 体育明星们的离奇遭遇 Sports stars' strange experiences
    1. 紧缩句;特意
    2. 特意—故意
  • Lesson 25: 草船借箭 Borrowing arrows with thatched boats
    1. 即将;能A就A
    2. 大致—大体
  • Lesson 26: 奇异的灯光 The extraordinary light
    1. 别说;来来回回
    2. 挨—受
  • Lesson 27: 完璧归赵 Returning the jade intact to the State of Zhao
    1. 左 ...... 右 ......;不成
    2. 一贯—一直

Masters 5 (HSK 6.5): HSK Standard Course 6b textbook (Chapters): 28-34


  • Lesson 28: 高山流水遇知音 The sincere friendship between Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi
    1. 与 "个" 相关的格式;向来
    2. 气势—气魄
  • Lesson 29: "笑" 的备忘录 A memorandum of laughing
    1. 预先;...... 也好, ...... 也罢
    2. 诸—各
  • Lesson 30: 你睡好了吗 Did you sleep well?
    1. 不时;多多少少
    2. 容忍—忍受
  • Lesson 31: 运动的学问 Knowledge of physical activity
    1. 逐;归根到底
    2. 胡乱—随便
  • Lesson 32: 有时, 不妨悲伤 Sometimes it's good to be sad
    1. 哪怕;反之
    2. 许可—允许
  • Lesson 33: 怀念慢生活 Cherishing the memory of slow life
    1. A的A, B的B;一时
    2. 现场—当场
  • Lesson 34: 为文物而生的人 A person who was born for cultural relics
    1. 尚且;当
    2. 温和—温柔

Masters 6 (HSK 6.6): HSK Standard Course 6b textbook (Chapters): 35-40


  • Lesson 35: 走进木版年画 Approaching the woodblock New Years Pictures
    1. 终究;愈 ...... 愈 ......
    2. 连年—连续
  • Lesson 36: 中国古代书院 The ancient Chinese academics
    1. 一经;本着 + 名词
    2. 截止—终止
  • Lesson 37: 警察的故事 Stories of the policemen
    1. 为 ...... 起见;暂且
    2. 恐惧—恐怖
  • Lesson 38: 慧眼捕捉商机 Having an insight into business opportunities
    1. 屡次;依据
    2. 就近—附近
  • Lesson 39: 互联网时代的生活 Life in the Internet era
    1. 任意;尚未
    2. 乐趣—兴趣
  • Lesson 40: 人类超能力会改变世界纪录吗 Will superhuman powers change the world records?
    1. (把) ...... 放在眼里;不无
    2. 顽强—坚强
  • Price $150.00
  • Chinese
  • 8 lessons
  • Course Certificate
  • Around 10 Students
  • Course Start Dates :

Chinese for Masters Courses Start Dates (HSK 6)

  • Level 10, 155 Queen St, Auckland CBD

    Tue 7 September 7.30-9.00pm

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Qualifications: Certificate of Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language - Beijing Language and Culture University 2012.

Experience: Chinese Institute, Mandarin Teacher - 2014-2019

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