Chinese for beginners lessons will teach you the basic Chinese phrases for greetings and farewells, asking and providing personal information, ordering food and drinks, asking for information, requesting and giving directions and buying tickets, You will learn how to speak Chinese quick and easy, proper pronunciation, useful vocabulary, Mandarin grammar, conjugation of the most common regular and irregular Chinese verb tenses and important aspects of Chinese Culture.

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 This course is intended for those who have completed Chinese for Beginners Language courses. It consolidates and develops the phrases, grammar, vocab and pronuncition covered in the Beginners Chinese lessons and will expand with new vocabulary and grammar. You will learn how to speak and write in Mandarin in everyday situations.

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The aim of this course is to further your ability to communicate effectively in Chinese and is suitable for those who have completed Improvers Chinese and you will master speaking and writing in Chinese. Classes are taught in Mandarin.

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Tailored to those wishing to be master grammar, getting the perfect accent and be fluent in Chinese, lessons are taught entirely in Mandarin and you will learn Mandarin quicker.

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Learn Chinese with our professional Chinese teachers and Mandarin tutors from $40 - 50 hour, includes materials. Hav a tailored learning program or the convenience of a class at your home or work in Auckland

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  • Price $150.00
  • Chinese
  • 8 lessons
  • Course Certificate
  • Around 10 Students
  • Teachers from China



Best Chinese Teachers

We have some of the best Chinese teachers, all our Manarin teachers are expert qualified native speakers with University degrees and experienced.



Hanban HSK Standard Coursebooks are written by Beijing Language and Culture University Press and CTI, used world wide.



Mandarin Classes are limited to around 10 students, guarantees the teacher's attention. Research shows small classes are the best for learning.



Learn Chinese faster with our online library with thousands of electronic texts and audios that you can play on your tablet, phone or laptop.


CHINESE activities and Events

The Chinese Institute organises activities and events in Auckland.


Central Auckland Location

The Chinese Institute has a central Auckland location on Queen St with modern classrooms.


Extra help Available

If you are struggling and need a little assistance then email to arrange a little time before or after your regular class with a teacher.



Certificates are available on request to show that you have completed a Chinese course at the Chinese Institute.


About Us

Chinese Institute is an immersion Mandarin Language School in Auckland and Wellington. Learn Mandarin in our small interactive immersion Chinese classes with expert and passionate native speaker Chinese teachers from China. We offer a wide range of Chinese lessons from beginner HSK 1 to advanced HSK 6 levels following the industry standard Hanban HSK Chinese proficiency language exams while using the latest teaching methodologies..
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